ArchiteXt Mining: Taking advantage of Periodicals as an Architectural Data Base


Esteban Maluenda, Ana; San Pablo Moreno, Luis. ‘ArchiteXt Mining: Taking advantage of periodicals as an architectural data base’. CIRAS discussion paper No.81: Architectural and Planning Cultures Across Regions. Digital Humanities Collaboration Towards Knowledge Integration [Kyoto, Japan], 2018, 101-105.


‘ArchiteXt Mining. Spanish modern architecture through its texts (1939-1975)’ is a research project funded by the Government of Spain through the 2015 Call for ‘Excellence Projects’ of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. This project aims to explore a new viewpoint and look into the special features of Spanish Modern Architecture. Despite the success of the development of data analysis as a tool in different disciplines, the research on architectural theory has never made the most efficient use of these technologies. The Spanish and International circumstances of the development of the Modern Architecture has been scrutinized through qualitative research which established a shared theoretical ground. It is time to face new in-depth research based on objective data. In order to obtain this, we propose the application of text mining techniques to take advantage of the best data source in the field: architectural magazines. Our objective is to offer a new vision of the transformation of architectural production and how it is divulged through texts published in these magazines. In addition to this, we aim at creating a powerful database hosted on a public website for the scientific community. In this context, this project fulfills e-Research objectives: to make the computerization of research data easier, to support every stage of the data collection, and to contribute to the use of tools that allows a big amount of data analysis. As a first step, this project focuses on the Spanish case as a pilot for bigger worldwide scale research. In particular, this stage will begin with the Spanish architecture magazines published during the Dictatorship period (1939-1975), when the cultural relations of the country at an international level were more difficult. We will be able to compare the important issues to Spanish architects with the other subjects of interest in European, American and Asian magazines, which will provide a new interpretation of the Spanish Architecture regarding the international panorama.


Architectural Periodicals
Text Mining
Spanish modern architecture
Data Analysis

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HAR2015-65412-P, funded by the 2015 Call for ‘Excellence Projects’of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO, currently Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, MICINN) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

2018 Call of the R&D and Innovation Support Program of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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